MPI Notice: New Estimate Summary for Light Vehicle Claims

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New Estimate Summary for Light Vehicle Claims

In an effort to reduce administrative costs and be more environmentally
conscious, starting March 20, 2017, Manitoba Public Insurance estimators will no
longer provide customers with printed estimate sheets for all light vehicle claims.
Instead, customers will receive a single-page Estimate Summary form. The form
will outline the following:
 Essential claim details (claim number, deductible, etc.)
 Benefits of accredited repair
 Claim process disclaimers

Customers requesting estimate sheets will be advised that their repair shop can
access the estimate electronically. Repair shops may continue to print estimate
sheets for customers on request, or as needed for administrative purposes.
If a customer presents you with an Estimate Summary form, access the claim
through RepairCenter as normal. If you are unable to access the claim using the
customer’s claim number, contact the adjusting team or claims processing unit,
following existing processes.

Manitoba Public Insurance will still provide printed estimate sheets for customers
with other vehicle types (motorcycles, off-road vehicles, recreational vehicles,
commercial vehicles, etc.), as those claims are not currently processed in

If you have any questions about this notice, please contact Estimating Services
using the Repair Shop Support Line.