MPI Notice Re: Body Integrity Inspection Station Requirements

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June 1, 2017

Re: Body Integrity Inspection Station Requirements

Manitoba Public Insurance has been focusing on repair standards to ensure
Manitobans are safer on the road and accredited repair shops have the
specialized training, equipment, repair methods and facilities to complete a
Proper Repair.

Starting June 1, 2017, Manitoba Public Insurance has formalized new
requirements for Body Integrity Inspection Stations and customers repairing
salvage vehicles to better ensure safety on the road. Complete details are
available in the Body Integrity Inspection Program Guidebook, however we have
included a summary of new requirements for customers and stations below.

Prior to starting repairs:
 Customers must complete a repair plan with the Body Integrity Inspection
*If the customer does not comply, the station must contact Vehicle
Standards & Inspection to determine how to proceed
 The station must provide the OEM structural repair procedures.
 The station must complete an initial inspection of the vehicle.
 The station must take four colour photos of the vehicle for the file.
 The station must keep a file on the vehicle which will include the repair
plan and other required OEM recommended repair documentation.
 The station must ensure the rebuilder has the tools and training to perform
any structural repairs.

Mechanic Requirements
Body Integrity Inspection Station mechanic must:
 Have a minimum of six years in the autobody repair industry.
 Be I-CAR Platinum recognized in the Steel Structural Technician or, for
aluminum repairs, be I-CAR Platinum recognized in Aluminum Structural
 Be a qualified journeyperson.

After the Initial Inspection
Customers must return within 120 calendar days from the Initial Inspection. If
they do not return, the Body Integrity Inspection Station must void the certificate
and forward the voided certificate to Vehicle Standards & Inspections.

New Stations
Any new Body Integrity Inspection Stations must attend a full day training course
provided by Vehicle Standards & Inspections.

Amalgamated Vehicles
Vehicles repaired using major components from two or more vehicles will be
considered amalgamated vehicles and now have specific requirements. If you
require instructions, contact Vehicle Standards & Inspections.

Structural Dimensional Inspection
Body Integrity Inspection Stations must perform a Structural Dimensional
Inspection on all vehicles.

Flagging Point System for Station Reviews
A new flagging system will be used to monitor issues. If an issue is reported,
Vehicle Standards & Inspections will assign the station points (5-20) depending
on the infraction. At 20 points, Vehicle Standards & Inspections will require a
station review.

If you have any questions please review the Body Integrity Inspection Program Guidebook or contact Vehicle Standards and Inspection at 1-866-323-0542.