MPI Notice Re: All I-CAR Courses Available Online

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May 30, 2017

Re: All I-CAR Courses Available Online

Effective July 1, 2017, all I-CAR courses (except welding courses) will be offered
as Independent Learning (IL) online courses. In-class courses will be offered
based on demand only.

Based on feedback, repair shops and technicians want greater access to online
training. IL courses increase the efficiency and convenience of I-CAR courses by
eliminating the administration, scheduling, and facilitation efforts required of
traditional in-class training.

With the high demand for specialized training, online courses allow technicians
throughout the province to access training when and where it is convenient for
them. This allows MPI to better assist accredited repair shops, and those seeking
accreditation, meet the Light Vehicle Accreditation Agreement requirement of
I-CAR Gold Class designation by March 1, 2018.

The following in-class courses will be offered online as of July 1:
Course ID Course Description

ALI01 Aluminum Intensive Vehicle Repairs
APR01 Aluminum Exterior Panel Repair and Replacement
DAM06 Steering And Suspension Damage Analysis
DAM15 Advanced Steering and Suspension Systems Damage Analysis
ELE01 Electrical Circuits and DVOM Usage
EXT02 Welding and Adhesively Bonded Panel Replacement
FFR01 Full Frame Partial Replacement
FOR06 2015 Ford F-150 Structural Repair Training Course
MEA01 Measuring
PLA03 Plastic and Composite Repair
REF07 Waterborne Products, Systems, and Application
REF09 Color Theory, Mixing Toners, and Tinting
SPS07 Steel Unitized Structures Technologies and Repair
SPS10 Replacement of Steel Unitized Structures
SPS11 Sectioning of Steel Unitized Structures
SSS01 Structural Straightening Steel
STE02 Suspension Systems
STE03 Rack and Pinion and Parallelogram Steering Systems
STE04 Wheel Alignment and Diagnostic Angles
WCS04 Squeeze-Type Resistance Spot Welding

Visit for more information. Click the following link to see the full
Independent Learning course listing: I-CAR Independent Learning Courses