MPI Notice: Contacting Adjuster and Adjusting Team

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June 30, 2017

Re: Contacting Adjusters and Adjusting Teams

As you know, Manitoba Public Insurance claims are typically handled by the
Claims Processing Unit (CPU) or adjusting teams, depending on the type and
complexity of the claim.

Recently we have assigned some claims to individual adjusters, rather than an
adjusting team, if a customer has met with that adjuster.

Claims will initially be assigned to CPU or an adjusting team (prior to an
appointment). Claims assigned to CPU will not be reassigned to an individual

Some claims will remain assigned to an adjusting team.

If you need to contact an individual adjuster or adjusting team:
 On a 99 suffix, review the Dispatch Report to determine who is assigned.
 On a 01 suffix, refer to the electronic estimate to determine who is assigned.
 Use the new Adjuster Contacts page to find the adjuster or adjusting team’s
extension number.
o For adjusting teams – call the Shop Support Line, select the adjusting
teams option, and enter the applicable extension.
o For individual adjusters – call the Shop Support line, wait for the
prompt, and enter the 4 digit extension