On Dec 21st, ATA President, Norm Bruneau submitted an open letter to MPI asking that the Covid cleaning allowance be extended past the Dec 31st deadline in light of the rising case numbers. Unfortunately, on a video call Dec 29th, MPI confirmed that they outlined in an email Dec 28th, that they will not reconsider their decision and will in fact cease paying the allowance after Dec 31st. While we acknowledge that MPI has paid the allowance past the promised date of Oct 21st (when the Manitoba state of emergency ended) we are still disappointed with this decision as our repair facilities will continue to ensure Manitobans have access to safe collision repairs in the midst of this pandemic without any financial support. We encourage shops to continue utilizing thorough and effective methods in sanitizing vehicles to ensure our staff and customers are safe. We will continue to discuss this matter with MPI as the COVID situation changes and will keep you up to date on any further developments.  


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