Member Services

A Voice for Our Membership:

Government Relations

The ATA Board is your link to the legislative process. The Board monitors legislation, provides input where required and makes sure that industry concerns are voiced.

Public Relations

Members of the ATA find that their customers feel more secure knowing that their ‘shop of choice’ is guided by the high standards of our professional association.

Allied Industry Associations

As part of its ongoing operations, the ATA maintains a sound working relationship with many local, provincial, federal and national industry groups.

Business Support:


Being a small business owner is not easy. You can’t afford to attract and keep good employees by offering the kind of benefits large corporations can. In many areas, you find you pay more for less because of your size. As an ATA member, you will gain ‘Strength in numbers’. By becoming a member of the ATA, you will be able to take advantage – at your option – of many programs designed to both save you money and attract and retain good employees.


From time to time the ATA Board may form committees comprised of Officers and/or Members to deal with the most serious issues faced by the repair industry.

Built-in Assurance

The ATA assures its members that they are not alone in the pursuit of a fair and adequate business profit. It is our commitment to be a voice, guide and resource to help fulfill important plans to achieve success to that end.

General Meetings

Frontline ATA involvement centres on General Meetings with fellow repair professionals. The meetings provide you with an opportunity to learn the latest technical, legislative and regulatory developments. These meetings also provide you with opportunities to meet up with others in your industry.


Educational Programs: From time to time the ATA is able to provide relevant training programs and courses to the benefit of our members.

Social Functions

Annual Golf Tournament: The ATA hosts a popular golf tournament every year to allow members the opportunity to get together in a less formal atmosphere.

Fall Member Event

The ATA has been holding a popular fall Bud, Spud and Steak type of event for the last few years. This is another great opportunity for members to further strengthen their industry through socialization.

Quality Standards:

Code of Ethics

ATA members sign an agreement when they join stating that they will abide by the association’s Code of Ethics. This is our mutual commitment to maintaining quality standards in the industry. Rules that apply to one member apply to all.


The strength of our numbers, combined with the monitoring function provided by the ATA, works as a force to foster integrity within our industry.

Universal Standards

ATA and our members have established high standards of quality that apply to all workmanship, management, and customer service. Together we are working to eliminate unprofessional behaviour in our industry.

Member Communications

The ATA mainly sends information out through email newsletters, alerts or bulletins. Occasionally, items are mailed to members.