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Serving Manitoba’s Auto Industry

Enabling the automotive industry to survive and prosper by helping members produce a quality repair experience for consumers at a fair price for a fair profit.

Benefits of ATA

The Automotive Trades Association Manitoba Inc.

Our industry is constantly confronted with problems no single individual could hope to solve. One major function of your Association is to communicate the concerns of your industry to all levels of government. We also keep our members aware of any changes to rules and/or regulations which affect our industry, disseminate trade information, and encourage improvements in business models.

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ATA’s goal is to help the Manitoba Auto Industry provide a level of professional service to you, the consumer.

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ATA members are welcome to browse through the posted resumes for potential job applicants

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Unicity Paint & Body
154 Maple St. N Winnipeg, MB R2W 3L2
Phone: (204) 943-7277
Fax: (204) 947-0793
Email: [email protected]

New, in box, includes 1 year subscription for updates and 1 year warranty.
Ideal for estimating and confirming vehicle dimensions during repairs and confirmation of dimensions after repairs.
Good for cars, SUVs, and small trucks.
Price does not include shipping or taxes.